Gift Boxes  (8"x8"x 4")- Pack of 20
Gift Boxes  (8"x8"x 4")- Pack of 20
Gift Boxes  (8"x8"x 4")- Pack of 20
Gift Boxes  (8"x8"x 4")- Pack of 20
Gift Boxes  (8"x8"x 4")- Pack of 20
Gift Boxes  (8"x8"x 4")- Pack of 20
Gift Boxes  (8"x8"x 4")- Pack of 20

Gift Boxes (8"x8"x 4")- Pack of 20

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🎁【BOXES FOR MULTI-PURPOSE USE 】Our Plain Recycled gift boxes have a charming rustic look and a natural white finish. As 8 x 8 x 4 inches cardboard gift boxes, they are the perfect size and shape for gifts and homemade cupcakes, bridesmaid proposal gift boxes or for storing mini ornaments

🎁【 CHRISTMAS GIFT BOXES 】Our white paper boxes is suitable to use for any occasion, making your life full of surprises and joys. Keep little sentimental treasures hidden inside or use to store stationery items such as paper clips and pins. Stash away your holiday ornaments or precious figurines. It can also be used as wedding favor boxes!

🎁【 ECO FRIENDLY & FOOD GRADE 】These paper gift boxes are made of high-quality food grade paper, which are made of recyclable paper.

🎁【 CONVENIENT STORAGE & GREAT STRENGTH 】Easy to assemble by folding in the flaps, and are strong enough (300 GSM) to hold small glass jars, homemade cupcakes, soaps, cups, gifts etc.

🎁【 BONUS 】Extra 2 bundles of bales of hemp rope (66ft) & Extra 20 Gift Tags with each package

********About the product*********

🔸High-quality paper gift box set with hemp rope bundles of twine and gift tags included for your loved one's

🔸Box size: 8*8*4 inches, quantity: 20

🔸 The white box is made of high-quality food-grade paper (300 GSM)

🔸 Hemp rope is convenient for you to bind the box, and make the box stronger, adding the fun of DIY.

🔸 The box is easy to fold and assemble, strong enough to hold a variety of homemade candles, soap or cupcakes.

🔸 It's a perfect choice to wrap a gift or collect a souvenir.

🔸Multipurpose use of the box for Jewellery , Glasses, Candles, Mugs, Gloves, Socks, Cupcakes, Chocolates

🔸 Mudrit 8x8x4 gift boxes are crafted from sturdy paperboard.

🔸 Add more atmosphere to the festival, you could embellish these gift boxes with twine rope and gift tags

🔸 Celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas , New Year with these cute gift boxes! Perfect for those special gifts from Santa to children and adults alike

🔸 Gift Tags are made out of Heavy Thick Stock Paper with punch holes inside for easy insertion of Hemp rope

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